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Indie Box” will be a series of posts named after the cardboard short-box where I store a modest collection of independent and small-press books that were limited series or very short series, or even a single issue. The Indie Box series began yesterday and will appear every Wednesday at least through September and — if all goes well — through the end of 2019.

Two things prompted this new series. One was the recent arrival of a stack of comic books that necessitated re-organizing my short-boxes to make space for everything, and that event made me realize how many small-press gems I have that have never been featured on this blog. This oversight needs rectified!

The second prompt was that every time I try to edit and update older posts on this blog now — from 2013, for example — WordPress gives me an error that it can’t recognize the post’s URL, and it kicks me out of the editor. The only solution I can find is to go through the older “wp-admin” route to edit posts, and that post-editing format is one or two generations outdated now. (If you have a better solution, please leave me a comment, because I have tried and failed for more than a year!)

The new Indie Box series will combine several things. First, I’m pulling older indie comics posts from this blog’s earliest years and giving them fresh updates with new text and links for you, and in the process converting them to new posts I can edit in the more recent WP editor for my own sanity. Second, I’m digging into a digital archive of comic book scans that never got unpacked and previewed for you on this site, and that archive includes vintage goodies by writers such as Greg Rucka and Ed Brubaker, to name a few. Third, I’ll be dusting off the scanner to capture some of my favorite pages from my physical collection so you can enjoy a look inside lesser-known and under-rated comics that rocked my world.

Now you know! Enjoy the series!