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PBN Set 27: Heavy 4
October 2018

Listen or download the mp3 file. 126 minutes. 128 Kbps.
The set list is available as a text file.

Nirvana – Breed
Tune-up clip from Stooges documentary
Dope Life – Die Motherfucker Die
Snot – Snot
Nickelback – Follow You Home
Killing Joke – The Death and Resurrection Show
Phant – End of Daonnachta
Clouds Taste Satanic – Out of the Abyss
Megadeth – The Threat Is Real
Murder City Devils – Johnny Thunders
Dopethrone – Dry Hitter
Papa Roach – Dead Cell
Buffalo Fuzz – Hard Lovin Body
Sky Valley Mistress – She Is So
Graham Day and The Gaolers – Wanna Smoke
Mono Men – Wimp
Fu Manchu – Eatin’ Dust
The Bloody Honkies – I Don’t Care About Your Man
Sonic’s Rendezvous Band – Getting There (Is Half the Fun)
Black Label Society – Funeral Bell
Nashville Pussy – Go Motherfucker Go
Scarling – Band-Aid Covers the Bullet Hole
Hoodoo Gurus – Down on Me
Killing Joke – You’ll Never Get to Me
Wo Fat – Common Ground
Sumac ā€“ Hollow King
Sumac – The Radiance of Being
Om – Unitive Knowledge of the Godhead
Mammothwing ā€“ Chump Change