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Above: Despite writing her adventures as prose, I think of Mags like a comic book character living in a world held together by comic book science and rage. So why not give her speech balloons? This ink-on-bristol drawing appears inside the paperback version of Blind Alley Blues.

Below: This one is slated to appear on the cover of Voyage of the Calico Tigress. One of the challenges writing and drawing Mags is resolving two seemingly opposed aspects of her character. On the one hand, she embodies ideals of feminist self-empowerment. On the other hand, she embraces being a “pin-up girl” or even “cheesecake”, which are often seen as exploitative and objectifying. Maybe she is best understood as an exhibitionist who only does things on her own terms, and who values having control over her body, destiny, and environment. I try to find poses and story situations that highlight this sense of self-confidence and control while still being alluring and sexy, and where it’s clear the only person exploiting Mags’ physicality is her.