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2016 was, among other things, a year of musical discovery. And few songs I found in that time make me as happy every time I listen to them as Galaxies Lament by Snail. Snail’s album Blood has become one of my all-time favorites, but this one comes from Terminus.

Pick up a copy from the band: https://snailhq.bandcamp.com/track/galaxies-lament

And here’s the jam on YouTube:

Galaxy, will you wake up from sorrow?
Quarks weeping from the heart of a proton. 
Cold tears in the endless expansion. 
Small voices in the heliosphere…

How can you sleep so good,
hosting your incubi?
End your solar eclipse of the sun
to flee the waking dream.

Here are a few more tunes in heavy rotation at Martian HQ. Crank it up!