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pariah missouri book one cover salazar pescadorPariah Missouri is much overdue for a chance in our spotlight here. Creator Andres Salazar has led more than one successful Kickstarter campaign to produce two hardcover volumes and a role playing game for this western horror series described as “Deadwood Meets Buffy.” Set in 1857, Pariah Missouri pits a detective and his rag-tag crew of frontier archetypes against murderous demons and other supernatural evils. We enjoyed the artwork from Jose Luis Pescador and encourage you to keep current with this project or pick up Pariah Missouri from the Salazar Entertainment store.


silvertongue interior 0 coverSilvertongue 30xx is back with a second issue, and creator Nando Sarmiento brings the outrageous story “The Chippewa Vendetta” to a high-powered conclusion. The manga-style artwork of Chris Mullins keeps the volume cranked up in this fast-paced science-fiction courtroom drama. Put down those boring John Grisham novels and brace yourself for an explosive ride across America in a giant courtroom on wheels, where the laws change every time you cross a state border! Head over to Little Nando’s store for sample pages from Silvertongue 30xx or pick up issues 1 and 2 on Comixology.



rise of the antichrist issue 6 cover geant kay

The sixth issue of The Rise of the Antichrist proves creator Betvin Geant and artist Kay have not even scratched the surface of how far out they are willing to take this concept. The lord of hell has now firmly convinced the sociopathically delusional “hero” of his divinity and set him on a nationwide tour of miraculous deeds and talk show appearances. Blasphemy, piety, and sheer insanity combine in this psychological horror story available at AntichristTheComic.com.