Now, now. Don’t really go burning comic books… unless you post a video of it on YouTube, and then I’d like a hyperlink. Here is a quick rundown of goodies I recently listed for sale on eBay.


New Gods #9 has seen better days. It’s the issue that got me into this series, and the Bug’s pathos-drenched speech is a favorite comic book monologue of mine.


Issues of the Elektra limited series used to be priced higher, but they’ve come way, way down since they got reprinted in TPB editions. Miller and Sienkiewicz offer up a mix of action-movie firepower and hallucinogenic sequences of mental illness, medication, and demons from hell. It’s a wild story.


The Essential Iron Fist Vol. 1 “phone book” style reprint includes all the legendary Claremont/Byrne issues. They don’t rock my world as much as they did when I was a teenager, but I got this just to sit down and read them all in order in one go for once in my life! Mission accomplished.


Turtle Soup is a cool one-shot that belongs in any true Ninja Turtles fan’s collection. It has a cool dream sequence by Steve Bissette, which we’ve posted scans of before.


Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles #9 and #10 have a few spine creases, but the three-page splash fold-out in #10 is a thing of wonder. I’ve posted scans from it before.


This first issue of Punisher War Journal features some of the earliest work Jim Lee produced for Marvel Comics, along with Carl “Alien Legion” Potts. It’s pretty good, but I think a true Punisher afficionado will appreciate it more than me.


Gobbledygook is another Ninja Turtles-related treasure from Mirage Studios in the late 1980s. It’s a sprawling affair with “pin-up” Turtle art, stories from various artists, and lots of non-turtle weirdness.


Last but not least, a seven-issue Avengers run that includes the complete Red Zone storyline. The art is super cool, and the story of a red cloud of infectious agents released from a lab under Mount Rushmore is pretty compelling. Plus, She-Hulk totally rages out of control, and Black Panther gets fed up with Red Skull’s racist nonsense and punches his bloody jaw right off his face.