Now that we’ve got robots landing on and exploring Mars, and comets, and asteroids, and we’ve got close-up pictures of Pluto’s terrain, all those golden-age pulp comic books seem kind of silly, don’t they? The other planets are no longer mysterious climates inhabited by monsters, mutants, mermaids, and laser pistols. Even the running joke about this blog being sent from Mars makes increasingly less sense as time goes on.

But it’s been a cool five years, so let’s do another! Many of the things that began as little seeds of creative spark here on Mars Will Send No More have taken on a life of their own. It’s fun to watch them grow. I recall how crushingly difficult it was to come up with 1000-word vignettes for a collaborative writing project here just three or four years ago when Paul and I did The T-Rex Beatdown. Now I’m planning the follow-up to the 118,000-word hail of bullets known as Red Metal at Dawn. Life’s funny like that!

The world has changed, too. Just a few Januaries ago, we kicked off a New Year by posting pages from the long out-of-print Miracleman #15 with a call to the comics industry to quit arguing about the series rights and just reprint the bloody thing for us! Well, they finally did. Thanks, Marvel! Sometimes, the world does become a better place.

Something changed for the better at MyComicShop, too, the retailer we often link to in our vintage comic book posts. About every three months, sometimes every six, we get a message saying we’ve earned a small amount of store credit for directing comic buyers to MyComicShop. In the second year of MWSNM, we once earned over $100 in store credit, but it’s usually more like $20 now. Not huge, but a nice bonus. Last time, we got the recent 4-issue Alien Legion: Uncivil War series, which we missed when it came out. Thank you, readers! Anyway, now we affiliates can apply that store credit to the shipping charge of $4.95. Yes, we used to have pay $5 for those quarterly bonus shipments of store-credit comics, but no longer. Yay!

Despite the changes this blog has been through, WordPress says about 200 people visit it on an average day, which is standard for maybe three years now. Sometimes, a post gets picked up and we see a traffic spike above the typical 2000 daily page views. In December last year, we saw a day with 4000 page views.  Those traffic spikes generally show a burst of referrals from Facebook, though a few other sites refer to us routinely, and we often get picked up by articles that want to link to a specific comic book story in our archives. The most page views we ever got in a single day was 10,034 on February 9 last year, and we almost hit 800,000 total views for the year, from nearly 90,000 visitors.

We still love hearing from independent artists and publishers who want to share their work. Our indie comics reviews remain sporadic due to the writing-intensive nature of our university courses, but they are one of our joys here on Mars.

Thank you for dropping by!