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princeless coverThe new issue of Action Lab Entertainment’s Princeless goes on sale today at Comixology, and you can also pick it up directly from Action Lab’s site. This second issue of the fourth volume of Princeless is called “Comical Misunderstanding,” and it lives up to its name. Rarely do we encounter a book that keeps us smiling from start to finish and delivers laugh-out-loud humor on nearly every page. Writer Jeremy Whitley and artist Emily Martin have mastered comedic timing for sequential art—not an easy feat. Whitley’s dialogue and characters come to life under Martin’s pen, and even the horses are hilarious in this story.

princeless sample page 1

We often see independent releases suffering from poorly done lettering that can turn crisp dialogue into a train wreck. This is not the case with Princeless. Emily Spura’s lettering contributes to the comedic timing by placing all the dialogue in the perfect place to deliver the humor naturally. Combine that with Brett Grunig’s color palette, and you can easily imagine Princeless leaping off the printed page and into full animation. It would not surprise us to see Princeless gracing the big screen someday.

princeless sample page 2

We don’t often find an all-ages comic book so enjoyable as Princeless. Without ever resorting to profanity or graphic violence, Whitley and Martin deliver action, adventure, and engaging characters. Princeless also passes the Bechdel Test with flying colors. If you’re looking for an entertaining adventure about female characters instead of a comic book that relegates females to mere plot devices for males, then it’s about time you started reading Princeless.

Princeless Volume 4 #2 goes on sale today at Comixology, which has a great selection of the back issues if you are just now joining this series. You can also order digital and print editions directly from Action Lab Entertainment.