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antichrist coverIf you’re looking for a twisted psychological horror comic, Antichrist will provide you with a uniquely disturbing experience. Betvin Géant and Kay, along with colorist Milton Das, continue their Antichrist story in the third issue, on sale today at Comixology. Things don’t get any better for their delusional protagonist in this issue. Having escaped from an institution in the first two issues, he is now on the run and hopelessly confused by his holy obsessions.

Géant successfully makes his lead character Michael more horrifying by playing on our sympathies, then viciously subverting them. In one scene, Michael gains our sympathy by intervening to stop the beating of a gay youth on the streets. But just as soon as we think he might have heroic potential, he condemns the youth’s homosexuality as a sin.

antichrist sample page

In another scene, we see Michael wandering homeless and hungry. He almost makes friends with a kind-hearted hippie who offers him food. But then, he has a horribly violent outburst due to misunderstanding the name of a common vegetarian food. Michael may be down on his luck, but his delusions make him a serious danger to everyone he encounters.

antichrist sample page 2

The narrative appeals to our natural tendency to champion the underdog, and then makes us regret it every step of the way. It’s an interesting story concept that delivers the fright of a horror comic without relying on the genre’s familiar tropes. Whether or not Géant has a full-scale biblical apocalypse planned remains a mystery, but one thing is for sure: Things are going to get a hell of lot worse for this hapless antichrist and everyone he meets.

Antichrist book 1 issue 3: on sale today at Comixology.