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antichrist coverThe Rise of the Antichrist develops a parallel between mental illness and religious extremism. The main character believes himself to be holy, despite committing repulsive acts of assault and mayhem. In juxtaposed panels, the reader sees both the reality of what happens and the delusional version of events from the character’s perspective.

For example, when undergoing electroshock treatment, the character hallucinates he is Jesus of Nazareth being nailed to the cross. When he dies in this process, he makes a deal with the devil which brings him back to life – a deal he believes was made with heaven, not hell. Throughout the text, biblical quotations give context to the protagonist’s unswerving yet totally misguided devoutness.

The result is violent and often disturbing. The first two issues establish the origin of this new antichrist and set the stage for the chilling possibilities of events to come. They are now available to download from Comixology. See AntichristTheComic.com for more about this challenging and confrontational new comic book series. Story by Betvin Géant and artwork by Kay.

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