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The fox cub throw pillow arrived just in time for our sister’s birthday this week. She sent us this photo of the finished 20 x 14 pillow.

sketchbook sundays march

It came out really well, she reports. It’s pretty wild seeing Micron 05 fine point pen lines enlarged to this size thanks to a high res scan.

We got these cards with a bee on them and have been sending them out on birthdays with the terrible pun “happy bee-day” inside. We need to touch up the source image, clean faint noise out of the white area, and upload a new source image to the printer, but they look pretty neat.

sketchbook sundays march (4)

The latest 9×12 Mags portrait may or may not get stars in the background. We need to practice stars first. Here she is in a temporary frame for safe keeping. Sorry about getting the ceiling fan in the shot oops.

sketchbook sundays march (5)

We picked up a few 8×10 frames and mats for our 6×8 drawings. Here is a 6×8 version of an 8×10 puma drawing we did last year.

sketchbook sundays march (6)

The frames are “country red” which means sort of reddish brown, with black mats. Here is puma framed.

sketchbook sundays march (7)

Wayne Static got himself a frame, along with a few others we will photograph before listing for sale.

sketchbook sundays march (8)

We’d like to find something similar for our 9×12’s but then shipping becomes a problem. These 8×10’s are LARGER than 8×10 on the outside edge, obviously, so they just fit in a medium flat rate Priority Mail box or the Fed Ex equivalent. A 9×12 piece of paper fits in one of these, but once you figure in the outside edge of the frame, the box is too small. So then you jump up into a more expensive shipping tier. If you have any brilliant solutions to shipping 9×12 framed art, send us a message please!

Until then, happy sketching!