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starlord special edition (7)

We were late to the Guardians of the Galaxy party in 2014. Like, so late, everyone else went home and there’s no beer left. By now, you have surely combed the Star-lord Archives at Longbox Graveyard and discovered panels from a black-and-white version of Claremont & Byrne’s mini-masterpiece. Only a total n00b would fail to behold the glory that is the vintage Star-lord Archive at Diversions of the Groovy Kind.

starlord special edition (22)

But you know what? The Star-lord party may be over, but we’re just going to hang out on the front lawn and get cosmic anyway. Because this was a favorite tale of ours for many years, and it still provides a certain nostalgic bliss: the emotional drama of that double splash against a burning horizon, the swashbuckling space opera, and yes – the awesomeness of unleashing the kraken!

starlord special edition (26)

We scanned about 2/3 of this micro-epic before the neighbors complained about the Star-lord party and we had to get off your lawn. You will just have to go buy the original if you want to finish frolicking across the galaxy. Our scans include the great essay at the end of the book which talks all about the cultural significance of Star Wars and the madness of putting together a comic book. Enjoy!