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weird war tales 24 invisible enemy_0001
weird war tales 24 invisible enemy_0002

Spirit tigers rock. Yes, it’s true: the dramatic storyline and sumptuously dark artwork make this story a real standout in DC’s anthology series, Weird War Tales. But what really sold us on this one? Spirit tigers! They bring to mind the mystical tiger spirit that watched over Kull the Conqueror and gave him increased power. Tiger goddess? Sign us up!

Weird War Tales #24 featured a second story, which we have in our sprawling archives of vintage Alex Niño comics here: The Last Battle.

Collector’s Guide: from Weird War Tales #24; DC Comics.

Cover art by Luis Dominguez. The Invisible Enemy: script by Jack Oleck, art by Ernie Chan as Ernie Chua. The Last Battle: script by Jack Oleck, art by Alex Niño. 32 pgs. Cover price $0.20.