June and July bring a special season to the Martian landscape: beetle season!
Check out these scary-looking sons-of-Bospors.

root borer beetle 2

What the heck is that thing, you may wonder. Scary as they look, they are fairly peaceful critters known as Root Borer Beetles. No, you don’t want to get bitten by those terrifying pincers on their face, but generally they don’t want to have anything to do with you. They have left their homes in the roots of trees for an adventure that has nothing to do with humans.

root borer beetle 1

Why leave a perfectly good subterranean cave to wander the asphalt wilderness in the most god-awfully hot time of year? The root borers have emerged from their little hidey-holes on the oldest mission in the animal kingdom: getting laid. The adult root borers have about a month to get down to it. After they get that done, they die. We just give them a wide berth and wear sturdy beetle-proof boots outside.

One root borer beetle who bit the dust on his annual excursion made it into a collage/painting we did last year, pictured below. (You can read more detail about Dream Journal Five in our archives.) They look so awesome covered with chrome enamels that sometimes we feel tempted to capture and exterminate a few of them, but that would just make us feel guilty. However, any critter that dies on its own is pretty much fair game.

dream journal 5-001