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130 Odyssey Part One

This 100+ page epic by Czech artist Nikkarin follows a pilgrim named Bo as he travels through a post-apocalyptic and thoroughly psychedelic wasteland, getting acquainted with the new realities of a post-war world.

130 Odyssey may be the first comic we’ve read from a Czech artist. Its infrequent dialogue takes place in English, at least in the version we previewed. Our images here are from some untranslated sources online, but we read it in English. Its original title reads as 130 Odysea. Regardless, this work relies mostly on purely pictorial storytelling. Nikkarin shows little interest in explaining through exposition the strange places and people on this journey. Instead, the reader becomes immersed in the unfamiliar, a wandering soul in the landscape of the artist’s imagination.

We won’t say we completely understood 130 Odyssey on the first read. On the other hand, incomprehensiblity may be part of its charm. Everything has changed, and we discover it with Bo as the journey unfolds. We would recommend this work to our readers in the States who have already discovered Moebius and other European talents, or to readers who want to get a taste of something off the beaten path of American comics.