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DC’s 2006 series All New Atom kicked off with three issues of Gail Simone and John Byrne bringing us fast-paced stories full of science fiction themes and size-changing adventures. We confess we lost interest in this series once it started tying into Countdown to Whatever Crisis We’re Having This Year. But, these early stories delivered a lot of fun, and Byrne’s artwork looks terrific in the hands of inker Trevor Scott and colorist Alex Bleyaert. This scene from the second issue starts off with a giant ant!

atom 2-002

atom 2-003

atom 2-004

atom 2-005

atom 2-006

atom 2-007

This scene in the second issue where a young man tries out his new Atom powers never gets old. The next scene, from the third issue, gives us the horrifying but strangely awesome spectacle of M’Nagalah. We met M’nagalah in the pages of Swamp Thing and Swampy’s spotlight in Challengers of the Unknown.

If any Atom comics have ever screamed “Make me into a movie,” it’s these issues of All New Atom! You can buy them as single issues, or collected in the All New Atom trade paperbacks. Let’s have a look!

atom 3-001

atom 3-002

atom 3-003

atom 3-005

atom 3-007

atom 3-008

atom 3-009

atom 3-010

atom 3-011