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Tintin Boxed Set (2)

This is every single Tintin book ever printed, with one exception owing to what the editors perceived as racially demeaning characterizations. If you ever read the original printings in jumbo format, do not expect jumbo size. This is a smaller printing, and the type face in the dialogue is pretty small. Some readers have complained it was too small in this edition. But, what it lacks in size, this set more than makes up for in completeness. This archival collection preserves Herge’s classic Tintin in a compact, handy format at an unbeatable price for readers.

Tintin Boxed Set (7)

Tintin Boxed Set (6)

I sold my set on eBay to a lucky Tintin fan last year, but you can easily find the Adventures of Tintin Collector’s Gift Set in stock at the time of this writing. Blistering Blue Barnacles!!! That’s a lot of Tintin!

I read these books in jumbo-sized English translations in my public school library as a young Martian. The characters have held up well, and Hergé’s knack for goofy slapstick still makes me smile. Subjected to a breakneck pace of twists and turns and reversals of fortune, Tintin and his colleagues somehow survive the hilarious chaos to do it all again a few pages later!

Tintin Boxed Set (3)