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Rick Veitch took over the creative helm of Swamp Thing, having worked on it as artist on Alan Moore’s stories of Gotham City and Swamp Thing’s space travel, among others. Let’s have a look inside his memorable contributions.

But first, let us mention that a full Veitch collection is nicely rounded out by two Annuals (one with work by Steve Bissette,) an odd issue of Secret Origins that covers the Floronic Man (revisited by Veitch in his S.T. run,) and a couple issues that complete Veitch’s infinished cliff hanger.

Swamp Thing Rick Veitch collection (4a)

Recall that Veitch had wanted an issue where Swamp Thing met Jesus, but DC would not publish it. Frustrated, he left, but the resolution by the next creative team works well. With brilliant Totleben covers and the return of Tom Yeates’s art to these pages, Veitch’s long saga of the unborn child of the Swamp Thing comes to a satisfying conclusion.

Swamp Thing Rick Veitch collection (5)

Swamp Thing Rick Veitch collection (6)

Veitch maintains several strong motifs from the Moore saga. Swamp Thing’s travels through the surreal sentient plant dimensions of the Green take on new life with the Parliament of Trees. The Parliament reveals Swampy is one of a number of plant-like avatars of the Green. Meanwhile, Abigail Cable, now Mrs. Swamp Thing, starts taking more psychedelic trips by eating the tubers of the Swamp Thing. Whoa, dude.

Swamp Thing Rick Veitch collection (7)

Swamp Thing Rick Veitch collection (8)

Now, we have some scans, somewhere, of one of our favorite Veitch issues. Swamp Thing thinks deep thoughts by growing a giant plant brain. Veitch seems to have fun revisiting the drug-fueled aesthetics of underground comix of the 1970s, and the reader gets many a lavish visual treat. Anyway, we will get to those in another post! Patience!

Some lucky Swamp Fan picked up this collection from us on eBay, but you can usually find Rick Veitch issues of Swamp Thing in stock. You want issues #65-87, and go all the way to #91 if you want the concluding story arc. It resolves Veitch’s two main plot lines: Swampy & Abby’s attempt to conceive a child, and a time-travel saga through the history of the DC Universe.

Swamp Thing Rick Veitch collection (3)

Swamp Thing Rick Veitch collection (4)