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Micronauts #55. So heavy we barely know what to say about it. It has a familiar theme: you can’t go home again. Huntarr, the main focus of this issue, returns to his home planet to find his mother. In a tragic twist, he finds her involved in something far more horrible than he could ever imagine.

micronauts 55-018

If this was the first comic book someone ever read, we would point out a few things to give them a foothold in this story. The evil Baron Karza has assumed brutal control of many of the planets the adventurers known as the Micronauts call home. His most insidious contribution to suffering, the body banks, store people for use as involuntary organ donors. Karza and his soldiers just take a liver, eye, or arm as needed. They also create experimental forms, everything from science fiction centaurs to unique freaks like Huntarr.

Except in this story, Huntarr learns he is not as unique as he thought.

Collector’s Guide: From Micronauts #55; Marvel Comics, 1983.