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In addition to having an awesome superhero lair, or even a heroic house, superheroes usually get a car. It’s the American way. Nexus has one, too. What? That’s not a car pictured above? Sure it is — and we don’t mean the little one shown for scale, either! Like a dream image, it represents our fantasies about our noisy, four-wheeled invention. Nexus has a complete living quarters in his ship, making it more like an RV that can travel through black holes. Pretty handy when you are dispensing justice and cruising for adventure all over the known universe.

These pages come from Nexus #6, published by Capital Comics originally. Dark Horse recently reprinted the issue in the Nexus Omnibus.

Below, long-time Nexus colorist and eventual cover artist Les Dorscheid appears in a rare profile page from the same issue.


Les was an integral part of the visual appeal of Nexus. And if you don’t have an appreciation for his skills yet, just dig this single page of Jil and Sundra’s first journey in their new spaceship.


The issue also featured an order form for these sweet mini-posters. The Nexus poster was totally worth the $4.


Finally, this issue of Nexus is where Nexus and Judah meet, for the first time, Mike Baron’s other creation from the Capital days: Badger. While many comics writers of the day deconstructed superheroes to the point of questioning their sanity, Badger had no questions about it at all. He was simply insane. Stark raving mad.

Enjoy this scene where Nexus and Judah, struggling for survival on a strange planet full of wonders and terrors, have an unexpected dinner guest. This three-part story, The Trialogue Trilogy, remains a favorite Nexus story of ours.