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Sedona Sunset
acrylic on 40 x 16 in. canvas

Inspiration for Sedona Sunset comes from the color of the sky and mountains in the Arizona desert in the last glow from the sun setting behind them. Deep violets, blues, purples, and Payne’s grey express both the natural splendor and the warmth of this popular Arizona destination.

Renowned for its scenic views and spiritual vibe, Sedona attracts many seekers and explorers. Yet, its ancient hills, streams, and rock formations give it a timeless quality that endures long after its visitors move on.

Please see our detailed photos of Sedona Sunset in both natural and full spectrum lighting, to explore the dark but glowing depths of its colors.

The edges all around this 1.5 in. deep professional wood frame are fully painted and varnished, making this piece quite attractive from any point of view, without an additional frame. Numerous coats of high-gloss acrylic varnish give it a glassy finish and bring out the brightness in its dark but vibrant tones.

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