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creatures on the loose 36 -005
On a trip to the top secret fifty cent rack here on Mars, we discovered the UK price variant for Creatures on the Loose #36 featuring Man-wolf. The cover claims not 25 cents but 9 pence for a price! Plus, the person at the bookstore used marker to deface the cover and sell it at 6 pence instead. Some collectors focus on these UK price variants, but our beat up copy will probably never be worth more than a couple bucks.

Still, we enjoy this early example of George Perez artwork. We dig his rendering of the unlikely astronaut/werewolf so much that we did a pastel study of a Perez panel from this issue.

This story reads a bit like a television script from the mid-70s, but it offers plenty of chances for gnarly werewolf drama, insane splash panels, and hypnotic light effects. Enjoy this legendary lycanthropic liturgy from the boisterous bronze age!

Collector’s Guide:
– from Creatures on the Loose #36; Marvel, 1975.