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fightin army 1 -002

I don’t have much to say about this comic other than any time I see a Charlton appear on the top-secret 50-cent rack, I pick it up. Every now and then, I find some charming vintage stories in these low-grade, low-budget books. The first and third vignettes here work pretty well as short war stories. The ads for mind control and cosmic consciousness seem especially far-fetched. Did anyone actually order this stuff? Is it even legal to sell mind control?

This issue doesn’t have the artistic merits of a classic Sgt. Rock or Weird War Tales book from DC Comics, although Charlton seems to use DC as a model here. Fightin’ Army ran from 1956 to 1984, right around the time Charlton went under, selling the rights to its golden age superheroes to DC, where Alan Moore based his Watchmen characters on them.

Collector’s Guide: From Fightin’ Army #150; Charlton, 1981.