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Jim Starlin’s single page origin of god and his short origin of death originally appeared in the first issue of the 1974 series Star Reach. Star Reach published its own Greatest Hits in 1979.

But in 1984, Eclipse reprinted six issues of highlights from that series as Star Reach Classics. We recommend that series for fans of classic 70s science fiction. For one, it’s in stock far more than the original issues. Plus, Eclipse printed it on high quality paper, a really nice production. Bonus: you can get most of them for just a couple dollars a piece.

Starlin here gives us some of his finest 70s illustration, artistically superior to his more famous work on Captain Marvel, and on par with his best Warlock stories. If you enjoy these, you will enjoy Starlin’s Darklon the Mystic from that same time period. Diversions of the Groovy Kind hosts some pages from Warren’s Eerie magazine where you can read part of Darklon in black and white. Or, you can drop a dollar on a back issue by Pacific Comics that reprints the complete Darklon story in color.

Collector’s Guide:
– From Star Reach Classics #1; Eclipse, 1984.