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Up from the primordial muck slithers… the Dan-Thing! In his oozing fist he clutches a time capsule: Marvel comic books from 1972! Our muck-stomping friend the Dan-Thing asked that we share these bronze-age beauties with you for education and inspiration.

mighty thor 200 -012

Today we have the most awesome issue of Thor ever produced: #200, from 1972. Beware! If this Be… Ragnarok! John Buscema unleashes the full destructive power of his Jack Kirby influence to render the total end of everything. Is it madness – or prophetic vision?!

mighty thor 200 -003

Sometimes we lack enough superlatives to describe books like this one. We had never read this story before Dan-Thing mailed it to us earlier this year. We expected another ho-hum issue of Thor: the usual confounding of science and mysticism and really big headgear. But LO! I say thee NAY, mortal! This issue doth kickest the mightiest ass there be!

Collector’s Guide: From Thor #200; Marvel, 1972. Reprinted in Essential Thor #5 in black-and-white; Marvel, 2011.