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Nathan Adler of FanFix begins with the X-men character Gateway and extrapolates a grand unified theory that ties in Jack Kirby’s Black Panther and the origin of Galactus. Part mutant minutiae, part aboriginal apocalypse and nineties nostalgia, it winds through a splash of Kirby Krackle and drops in on the bronze age Black Panther. Are you ready to mine for the mysterious vein of vibranium hidden within… Gateway’s Origin?

"How Would You Fix...?"

Figure 01

Before Chris Claremont was unceremoniously fired from the X-titles by Bob Harras, we never learnt the origins of the mutant aborigine Gateway or the details behind the “geas” binding him to the land surrounding the abandoned mining town that served as the Reavers’ outback headquarters.

In the letters page of Uncanny X-Men #229 it says this about Gateway:

Cryptic hint there in that last sentence, wouldn’t you say?  What “full truth” is going to cost the X-Men dearly?? When we meet Gateway in #229, he is providing the villainous Reavers use of his teleporting powers.  But why? Reaver leader Bonebreaker knows something about Gateway, saying on Page 9:

Gateway stares at Bonebreaker with barely hidden contempt.  Reading the above quote, the “Holy Place” Bonebreaker mentions is obviously the land surrounding the outback town, where the spirits of Gateway’s ancestors reside.  What’s further interesting about this quote is that the Dreamlands, the…

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