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Up from the primordial muck slithers… the Dan-Thing! In his oozing fist he clutches a time capsule: Marvel comic books from 1972! Our muck-stomping friend the Dan-Thing asked that we share these bronze age beauties with you for education and inspiration.

green lantern green arrow 89 -021

Today we have the final issue of Green Lantern. It concludes the Dennis O’Neil and Neal Adams run where Green lantern and Green Arrow go on all sorts of socially relevant adventures. Historically relevant, too: This run often receives credit for ushering in the bronze age of 20th century comic books. It would exert a powerful influence with Adams’ realistic approach to figures and O’Neil’s topical focus.

green lantern green arrow 89 -024

Of course, Green Lantern would one day reclaim a title of his own. Once shamefully shuffled off to fill back-up stories in The Flash, Lantern would rise again. Geoff John’s Blackest Night and Brightest Day mega-crossovers brought Lantern back into the spotlight in recent years.

Back in 1972, Green Lantern went out with a bang. He and Green Arrow get crucified on planes with a full-on nature jesus. Then, GL skrags a jet, angry that his woman reveals herself as a shallow industrialist who cares nothing for the loss of life and habitat in the name of profit. Whoa, dude.

Collector’s Guide:
– From Green Lantern #89, 1st series; DC, 1972.
Cover uses Green lantern / Green Arrow as the title.
– Reprinted in Showcase Presents Green Lantern TPB #5; DC, 2011.
– Reprinted in Green Lantern / Green Arrow Collection Vol. 2