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GI Robot 1 - Copy

GI Robot 2 - Copy

You can buy prints of our pastel enlargements of these classic panels through FineArtAmerica, here:
Robot 2
Robot 3
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Inspiration for this pastel rendering of a robot in an army helmet comes from Weird War Tales by DC Comics. One can find the original panels drawn in 1982 by Patrick Broderick and John Beatty in Weird War Tales #108, in the Robert Kanigher story “Robots Don’t Have Hearts.”

You can buy Weird War Tales #108 for around $5 to $10 these days, depending on its condition. It remains collectible as an early appearance of the Creature Commandos, another short feature that ran in this issue.

In our gallery below, you can view the cover of this issue and the complete GI Robot story. Enjoy!