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The Serendipity series of children’s books began in 1974 as author Stephen Cosgrove’s personal vision. He collaborated with illustrator Robin James many, many times on stories that entertained while demonstrating a value or life lesson. In Search of the Saveopotamus may have caught our youthful attention with its colorful dinosaurs, but its philosophy has remained important to us even as adults.

The main character, the Hoardasaurus, has become a nervous wreck. His collection of material possessions brings him no joy. Spending his every waking hour fretting that someone might steal his stuff, he can never really enjoy what he has. True, he has some things of value. But, he holds onto old junk and broken things with equal fervor.

The Hoardasaurus reminds us not to spend our life obsessing over material possessions. They may fill our space, but they cannot fill our hearts. He reminds us that we can let go of all that does not bring us joy. He reminds us that part of the joy of material things is not hoarding them, but giving them. He reminds us we can move into the future with greater speed and agility when we liberate ourselves from carrying around the past. And, he reminds us that even Tyrannosaurus likes to play with a yo-yo.

Collector’s Guide:
– from In Search of the Saveopotamus; Price/Stern/Loan, 1974.
A Serendipity Book by Stephen Cosgrove, illustrated by Robin James.

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