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salvador 1-001Salvador: This artistically lavish, wordless work remains mostly a mystery to us. Our efforts to find any subsequent issues met with failure, as did most of our research into the creators. We enjoyed it several times before finding the blurb in the back of the book that gives you a clue about what happens – or the characters involved, at least.

We suggest you do the same, letting your imagination fill in the blanks about these striking images. We found a slightly tattered copy on the top-secret fifty cent rack a couple years ago, and it remains one of our favorite random discoveries there. Below, you can see some splash pages, and then a gallery where you can flip through the entire thing from start to finish. If you can give us some more information on the book, please post a comment for us!

Collector’s Guide:
Salvador #1; Boom Studios, 2007.

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salvador 1-017