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pastel portrait 10 - Copy

Pastel Portrait Ten.

Fear nothing. You might not find that in any drawing tutorial, but it lies at the heart of our approach to these pastel drawings.

We struggled with pen for many years. Ink makes demands for perfection. You can’t massage ink into the right place. You can’t undraw the mistake.

But with pastels – especially these new oil pastels we’re trying – you can reshape reality at will.

When you know a mistake isn’t going to wreck anything, you can draw with absolute confidence. Be bold. Coax the shapes into existence, painting your subject with color and light. If you get it wrong, blend in the right color, then redefine the shapes with light and shadow.

Bob Ross talked about this absolute confidence. On his canvases, he said, he could move mountains and redirect rivers. He could build and destroy. He could make it anything he wanted.

So can you.