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Hi. This is Josh.

nevada desert -001 josh

Josh wants to take you on a trip into the Nevada desert to show you some cool nature and stuff, ok? In his spare time he enjoys taking huge planks of wood and wiring them with electric guitar pickups and other electronics, plus all the hardware needed to support one to 24 guitar and bass strings. These are unique instruments he uses to record all kinds of trippy music. It’s so trippy you would think he does lots of drugs but he doesn’t actually do any at all. He used to drive the short bus for kids in Alaska. For real. Ok, ready to go look at some rocks and clouds?

nevada desert -002

nevada desert -003

nevada desert -004

nevada desert -005

nevada desert -006 red rocks 1

nevada desert -007 red rocks 2

nevada desert -008 red rocks 3

nevada desert -009 casino

nevada desert -010 rhyolite 1

nevada desert -011 rhyolite 2