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dream journal 3 love -  (10)

Dimensions: 40 x 50 x 2 in.

Dream Journal Three: Love contains years of dreams and memories in the form of pages from journals, drawings, letters, and mementos. Collaged in thick layers under the surface of the painting, they suggest an intimate and personal work containing as much of the artist’s soul as it does mixed media. The top layers unify it all in complex washes of violet, blue, black, pink, and magenta.

The finished painting expresses the heart’s dream of healing. A white, healing glow surrounds the heart in a passionate pink field. The heart, built on a foundation of freely poured paint over scraped textures, seems scarred but strong. Resilient, it has survived loss, separation, and grief. Now, it celebrates renewed joy, connection, and bliss.

Dream Journal Three: Love reminds us the strength of love, and that we all have the capacity for healing within us. We can see beauty even in a scarred heart, the unique texture inseparable from its personality.
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