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dream journal 6 - Copy
We started off doing a grid of an old comic book panel. But, compositionally, it just didn’t strike us. So, we went into a virtual world where you can build things in 3-D, and we built this guy’s helmet. We made it shiny and took ‘virtual’ photo references to get more familiar with our subject. By the time we got around to the canvas again, we felt more aware of the physical nature of this strange object.

The original panel dealt with a man who found an amazing suit allowing him to roam inside the earth, looking for buried treasures others might have lost or forgotten. In a general sense, that resembles exploring your own dreams. We often think of the unconscious or the dreaming mind as “below” our waking level of consciousness. Although you can encounter terrifying things, you also can have some wonderful adventures and make discoveries.
dream journal 6 detail 1 - Copy
In a more specific sense, we have gone underground several times in our dreams. The thought bubble in this painting contains fragments of those dreams, torn from the pages of our typed dream journals. Some of them were scary, some were mysterious, some were wonderful. Being submerged or subterranean might make you feel secure and protected, or it might make you feel claustrophobic. Things die and rot underground, but things also take root and grow.

Fortunately for our dreamer in this piece, he has an awesome suit to help him safely navigate these unusual earthen realms. Pondering his mortality and its place in the march of life across this planet, he searches out what others buried and forgot. You can make up your own story about what he finds, but we believe this terra-naut will find inspiration.
dream journal 6 detail 2 - Copy
dream journal 6 detail 3 back - Copy