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amazing heroes 44 -001

Issue #44 of Fantagraphics’ fanzine Amazing Heroes showcases one of our all-time favorite series: Alien Legion. We scored it at our top-secret 50-cent rack, but you can easily find a copy for a couple bucks. Its highlights of the creative team, along with some tasty pencils by Frank Cirocco, earn it a place in your Alien Legion collection.

The creative backgrounds of Carl Potts (creator, plotter) and Alan Zelenetz (writer) make interesting reading. And, you get a good look into how the main characters of the series started out. Alien Legion deals with the evolution of the main characters: how they change in response to their missions and war. In retrospect, this article underscores just how much the characters develop throughout the series.

Collector’s Guide: from Amazing Heroes #44; Fantagraphics, 1984.