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marvel universe the end 2- (11)

In Marvel Universe The End, Jim Starlin digs into his bag of tricks from the Metamorphosis Odyssey. In this second issue, we witness the partial origin of the bad guy of the series: Akhenaten, an Egyptian pharoah who gets super-powered by aliens. Starlin used a variation of this name and the Egyptian theme for Aknaton, one of the prime movers in the Metamorphosis Odyssey which would later become Dreadstar.

Akhenaten was, for those of you who fell asleep in Ancient Civilizations 101, a real-life ruler of Egypt whom historians still argue over. He also ruled under the name Amenhotep IV. His claim to fame was the alleged installation of sun-god worship as a monotheistic practice nearly 1300 years before the birth of christianity. Reportedly, his polytheistic people were not thrilled with the idea.

Dr. Doom and Thanos aren’t too pleased with Starlin’s version, either. Let’s have a look!

Collector’s Guide:
– From Marvel Universe The End #2;
– reprinted in Marvel Universe The End Hardcover.
– reprinted in Marvel Universe The End paperback.
– reprinted in Thanos TPB #3.