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Avengers 191-01

John Byrne pencils one of our favorite Grey Gargoyle appearances in Avengers #191, with the plot/script team of Roger Stern and David Michelinie. Great things were simmering in the pot here: Stern and Byrne would craft a short but memorable run on Captain America, David Michelinie was just a few years from making Spider-man a super-hot franchise with Todd McFarlane, and cover artist George Perez would soon be teaming up with Marv Wolfman to create the wildly successful relaunch of Teen Titans.
Here, however, they prove that most superhero problems can be solved with lots of punching, kicking, beating, hitting, smashing… and a magic ray.

Collector’s Guide:
– from Avengers #191; Marvel, 1980.
– Reprinted in the paperback collection Avengers Visionaries: George Perez. Dont ask us why, since Perez did the cover, not the interior art!