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red portrait 1 processed

Red Portrait measures 20 x 30 inches because that’s the size of the piece of paper that came in the 20 x 30 poster frame. It has many layers. We drew on that paper, then collaged over it with comic books, porn, postcards, an old set of dental x-rays, the most special page of the Slang Dictionary, and tiny photographs. Next, we washed it with Ultramarine Blue, splattered it with Black, and covered it with a layer of Mod Podge mixed with Deep Permanent Green acrylic paint. Once that dried, we hung it up next to our photo reference and started sketching. That’s when the fun really started. Pastel, sharpie marker, acrylic paint, gesso, sharpie paint pens, ink pen — it’s all in there.

red portrait in progress 0