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portrait 8 david hilbert -001

Notes: This is mixed media: layers of pen, pastel, charcoal, sharpie, pastel splattered with water, acrylic paint, and Rustoleum spray sealant. All on paper. We just built it up from a sketch layer by layer. And, it has some scraps from the dictionary. One is Hilbert’s dictionary entry, and the other is the entry for “dimension.”

Our friend Dan called in response to some synchronicity-laden package he received from Martian HQ this week. We ended up talking for hours about mathematician David Hilbert and some of his influential theories about dimensions of space and time. Hilbert appears in a wonderful mathematics book we got for pennies at the junior college library. Published by Time Inc as part of the Time Life Books series, Life Sciences Library, Mathematics really puts the subject in perspective. It’s loaded with pictures and fascinating pieces of history. It even explains the basic idea of calculus in plain terms. You don’t need to “know math” to develop an appreciation of it from this book.

Below you will see page 174, with the drawing of David Hilbert we used as a reference. The credits in the back say Don Miller drew it, but we have zero further information on Don. We really dig his line style though, the attention to detail he gives the hair, and shadows. This style of illustration has always appealed to us.

You can find Mathematics used on Amazon. It came out in some later editions, perhaps, but here is a link to the 1963 edition we have.

mathematics 174 - david hilbert

mathematics cover

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