You may by now be aware that we send out some pretty nutty stuff in the mail. We like walking into the interplanetary postal branch here on Mars to ask for their help “distributing more revolutionary propaganda.” But the high point of the shipping department’s day is surely the variety of odds and ends that show up addressed to us — or to Mars, or to any number of amusing aliases. Here are two of our favorites from this long hot Martian summer.

postcards 3-001

An old school friend announces that the Transmogrifier works! He used it to become a duck, presumably posing for this fine postcard.

postcards 3-002

This one made us laugh out loud, prompting the shipping department to duct tape us to a palette of frozen goods to preserve our imperiled sanity. It helps if you know the Calvin and Hobbes reference to the transmogrifier. We also happen to know with 100% certainty what our friend’s favorite Calvin and Hobbes cartoon is. It always was 🙂

DINOSAURS FOREVER! Our plan to bring them back and mutate the entire west coast into lizard people is really gaining traction now!

postcards 3-003

Next up: Someone anonymous sent us this lovely communique from the Mexican front. The invasion is at hand! At least we believe they sent it from Mexico, because it isn’t even postmarked. Sometimes we suspect the postman is in on the joke and just stuffs our mailbox with his own personal madness. Who knows?

postcards 3-004

We couldn’t be happier about the timely scheduling of the intergalactic invasion. Your secret orders have been sent to the aforementioned drop box. Bring back the dinosaurs, comrade!