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postcards 2-007

Today’s batch of four postcards comes from the Alwun House, a non-profit arts organization in downtown Phoenix where I performed music with several different small groups, duets, or solo for a few years. Tom had called me to “fill in” on guitar at one of his shows there, and I fell in love with the place and the vibe and the people.

postcards 2-008

When none of Tom’s crew could make a date, I filled in with a bassist and a drummer I met through Craigslist, and one thing led to another. We used the name Kado Jones Project — the working name of my bassist buddy Kipp’s home-recording project.

postcards 2-009

Tom and I continued to play duets there and all over town as Beat City Jazz. Later, I put together a second trio for the Exotic Arts show, and played solo for a couple events like the sign dedication party. It was fun. I miss performing tunes and rocking out with friends, but I don’t miss lugging all my gear all over town and having to make art on a time table after driving in traffic. The positives certainly outweighed the negatives when I had the time and resources to do it, and there really isn’t anything in life quite like musical collaboration.

postcards 2-010