Marvelman in Warrior 10

Marvelman appeared in Warrior #1-21; Quality Communications, 1982-4. #25-6 contained the letters from Marvel demanding Quality cease publishing Marvelman. The series would start from the beginning as Miracleman, reprinted in color by Eclipse Comics, continuing the story once the first six or seven issues wrapped up the revised reprints. Script: Alan Moore; Art: Gary Leach, Alan Davis, etc.

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2 responses to “Marvelman in Warrior 10

  • m.l. post

    I’ve got this issue, Mars, and I always wondered why he took it so easy on Big Ben (relatively speaking) while making soup out of the S.A.S. boys on the way in. Marvelman’s sense of humanity seems to phase in and out in a way you don’t see in similar characters. You can’t trust it. As a kid, I always thought Superman would be a cool guy to meet…at worst, he might lecture me about the dangers of hitchhiking or crashing people’s parties. Captain Marvel might have told me to study and drink a lotta milk. Marvelman…Jesus. Dr. Manhattan was nowhere this scary.


    • Mars Will Send No More

      Manhattan was scary in a different way – a cold and distant way. He could have done something… but oops kind of busy looking at a subatomic particle. Like he didn’t care about people.

      But Marvelman will soon begin to transcend the boundaries of human morality, in a similar but far more compassionate way. Not knowing what other issues you have seen, we will zip our lips for now concerning his moral development once he uncovers his true origin.


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