Marvelman in Warrior 7

Marvelman appeared in Warrior #1-21; Quality Communications, 1982-4. #25-6 contained the letters from Marvel demanding Quality cease publishing Marvelman. The series would start from the beginning as Miracleman, reprinted in color by Eclipse Comics, continuing the story once the first six or seven issues wrapped up the revised reprints. Script: Alan Moore; Art: Gary Leach, Alan Davis, etc.

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2 responses to “Marvelman in Warrior 7

  • m.l. post

    As I mentioned before, Mars, I’ve got some holes on in my collection as far as this run, including this issue. I find interesting that Moore attributed some or all of Marvelman’s powers to that weird energy field around him, the thing that enables him to routinely defy the laws of physics, his strength not withstanding. It reminds me of that issue of the Fantastic Four where John Byrne basically said that the Gladiator’s powers are largely “psionic” (whatever the hell that means) or some such. Only some unknown power would enable him to, like Superman, pick up a battleship or a large building and throw it around, instead of simply having their hands poke through the sides of the object in question, or just dig big grooves in it. I wonder if Byrne didn’t snatch this idea from Moore, but who cares. Having super-strength just by itself would probably be a King Midas-Twilight Zone type of situation, where you couldn’t really be around people too much, unless you had some weird extra power that kept you from clobbering them by accident. Maybe that’s what enabled the original Captain Marvel to, say, punch out a burglar without decapitating the guy. Or have sex with his wife…yikes.


    • Mars Will Send No More

      John Byrne totally explored that idea of the true physical ramifications of “super powers” in Next Men. The invulnerable woman… can’t feel intimate touch either, or cut her nails. The speedster… has monstrous leg muscles. The super strong guy… can’t even pick up an egg much less make love to a woman. If you haven’t read the original 30-issue series, do yourself a favor and pick up the recent reprint from IDW. Until then, keep an eye out for more Warrior pages. We are going to take a break from them for a week but keep going in September!


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