Marvelman in Warrior 3

Marvelman appeared in Warrior #1-21; Quality Communications, 1982-4. #25-6 contained the letters from Marvel demanding Quality cease publishing Marvelman. The series would start from the beginning as Miracleman, reprinted in color by Eclipse Comics, continuing the story once the first six or seven issues wrapped up the revised reprints. Script: Alan Moore; Art: Gary Leach, Alan Davis, etc.

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2 responses to “Marvelman in Warrior 3

  • m.l. post

    Thanks for posting this stuff, Mars. I’m a big fan of this run but my collection has a some gaping holes in it, if you know what I mean. Moore’s stark take on what a “superman” might actually be like or act like has, in my opinion, heavily influenced comics and even movies ever since. Actually, “Marvelman” always kind of made my hair stand up a little, but there’s Moore for ya. Take ‘er easy.


    • Mars Will Send No More

      Maybe it’s just his highly-charged energy field making your hair stand on end!

      Moore’s basic ideas of the superhero as superman, we agree, continue to be explored or simply exploited today. Many of today’s younger readers have been prevented from seeing these highly influential stories due to their limited and collectible nature.

      We’d like to have them all in print someday, because we’re just huge geeks like that. For now, we will be happy filling in the more expensive gaps with some pretty decent scans!


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