Our music page contains two new albums.

Electromagnetic Thrush collects our final recordings (2012) on our digital multi-tracker before it bit the dust. Yes, it’s the end of an era. We put together a couple new instrumentals, remastered two old ones, added an over-the-top interpretation of the 80s pop tune Broken Wings, and included a live performance with our loop pedal. Six tracks in all, wrapping up eight years of digital studio bliss.

Depot Town Demolition collects eight songs recorded at two live acoustic shows in 2002. Although we have since focused on instrumentals, we sang at these shows: mostly original tunes, but a few ‘covers’ we interpreted. Composed and rehearsed in the three years following the dissolution of our first rock band, these songs represent our efforts to take it back to the basics of just one guy and his guitar.

Go check them out on our music page. You will see links to our albums there. They are all posted free on our file sharing service, and you do not need to share any personal information or create an account to listen to them. Enjoy!

2012 ellie and effects pedals
Ellie the studio cat inspects the effects pedals for 2012 recording sessions.