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Black Magic 2 (3)

In this nearly forgotten issue of Black Magic from 1950, Joe Simon and Jack Kirby again tackled a subject of great interest to them in those years: dreams. Mort Meskin and Bill Draut also contribute to this issue. We saw their work alongside Kirby & Simon in Strange World of Your Dreams and other golden age gems.

Collector’s Guide: The first three issues of Black Magic are now collected in a Kindle version! Originally from Black Magic Vol. 1, #2, Headline Publications, Dec. 1950. Produced by Joe Simon and Jack Kirby

Cover art by Jack Kirby. The Scorn of the Faceless People!, art by Joe Simon and Jack Kirby; dream analysis story. The Cheerful Old Lady in Black!, art by Mort Meskin. The Cloak!, art by Joe Simon and Jack Kirby; Paul Darvas orders a new cloak, only to receive a cursed cloak from Asmodeus himself. Out of Your Mind text story. I’ve Seen You Before, art by Bruno Premiani. Yesterday You Died!, art by Bill Draut; When Grace Hanley is looking to buy a house she sees a ghostly image of a murder that has yet to happen in that house. 52 pgs. $0.10. Cover price