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Millions of years ago, terrible reptiles ruled the earth.
They also ruled… Outer Space!

Two years ago my Project Management 101 instructor approved my proposed special project: creating a mini-comic from scratch. I already had the rough draft and a series of storyboards breaking down the action. My friend Brian agreed to collaborate with me on this project. Brian and I went to high school together, and our parents attended the same church. Working with him on a comic book fulfilled a lifelong dream, and his character design especially brought this piece to life.

Originally I wanted to also hire a letterer, but met with no success through the college’s channels. So, in a matter of weeks, I learned from ComiCraft’s brief but powerful guide how to letter comic books in Adobe Illustrator. This project turned out to be a lot of fun, and I wouldn’t mind producing the next half-dozen “episodes” hiding in the filing cabinet.

Short “backup” stories like you used to find in the back of comics provide the model for this project. But for the class, we laid it out as a 1/2 sized comic book, complete with a wrap-around cover and a double splash centerfold. I always enjoy public speaking, so telling the class how we made this and what I learned felt really good. They all got a printed copy, signed at their request – as have some of our friends here in the blog-o-verse, and anyone who sends me dinosaur books.

Without further ado, we present the pilot episode of Sauratopia.
1 Sauratopia Wraparound Cover

2 Sauratopia Interior Cover

3 Sauratopia pg 1

4 Sauratopia pg 2

5 Sauratopia pg 3

6 Sauratopia pg 4-5 double splash

7 Sauratopia pg 6

8 Sauratopia Relics