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mars logo dinosaurSo many things work against this piece of golden age nonsense: disastrous dinosaur depictions, colors fading into putridity, and lots of development to squeeze into four pages. Somehow, they pull it off. This is Bernard Krigstein, isn’t it?

If not, then it’s Paul Reinman, who did the artwork on the totally terrifying… Laundry Machines?

Oh dear god… those shirts! They’re… cleaning themselves! NNNOOOOOOOOO

One thing is for sure: First panel, Final page of the story. That is none other than the Free States Leader in DMZ! Yeah! That might be one we want to paint. The Free States Rising chapter of DMZ is one of our all-time favorite story arcs.

Collector’s Guide:
– From Strange Tales #61; Marvel, 1958.

strange tales 61 pg 00

strange tales 61 pg 16

strange tales 61 pg 17

strange tales 61 pg 18

strange tales 61 pg 19