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Strange Tales 26 -  (2)This issue of Strange Tales stands out from others we’ve shared with you for a couple reasons. First, Marvel published it much earlier, in 1954. While we do have scans of earlier issues than that, they are admittedly poor quality. Even this one had some pages we just couldn’t bear to post, so you are getting two of the stories today.

Second, the good news: you can get a high-quality reprint of this entire issue from Marvel in hardcover format now, along with issues #21-30 (see our Collector’s Guide below.)

Third, the earlier publishing date means that this cover does not bear the Comics Code Authority stamp of approval. We believe you will find, as a result, a closer resemblance to EC Comics material of the 1950s. It’s rendered less in the embryonic “house style” at Marvel you find just five years later in this title. And by “house style” we mean “copying Kirby’s style and layouts or just having him block out the pages for you.”

But, that is a discussion for another time!
Now, crack open the vault and gaze at the wonder of Strange Tales #26!

Collector’s Guide:
– From Strange Tales #26; Marvel .
– Reprinted in Marvel Masterworks: Atlas Era Strange Tales, Vol. 3

The Last Stop, art by Gene Colan; Guinea Pig, art by Jack Katz; A Grave Mistake, art by Tony DiPreta. To the Stars, pencils by Carmine Infantino, inks by Sy Barry; It Could Be You, art by Vic Carrabotta.

Strange Tales 26 -  (7)