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We told you about this painting before, but now we have a decent camera. So, let’s immortalize it again for the digital age! Iain Carstairs guest authored a series here on Jack Kirby entitled Persistence of Spiritual Vision. We had discussed our mutual Kirby interest and the idea of painting using aspects of Kirby’s style. While yours truly ran off to put Kirby Krackle on everything, Iain created this enlargement of a panel from the Fantastic Four. Check it out.

silver surfer painting by iain 1

Here is a detail.
silver surfer painting by iain detail

silver surfer painting by iain 6

Now, at the time, we were working on a mini-comic about dinosaurs in space. So, we were thrilled to find this additional sketch on the back of the canvas. Dinosaurs Forever!
devil dinosaur by iain carstairs

silver surfer painting by iain 5